Friday, December 16, 2011


I was doing so well.  I was keeping track of my points and racking up miles on my already worn out shoes.  My Nike+ pedometer was about to blow up because of all my gym time and all the extra steps I was trying to take.

It hasn't been the holiday treats like I thought it would be.  In fact, I haven't even really seen any of those around to tempt me.  It wasn't the holiday frenzy of parties or errands or whatever else that derailed me.  No, it's worse than that.  It's the blahs.

  It's been a blah week, what with all I've had to get done.  And I have fallen off the proverbial wagon.  Know how I know it's bad?  My formally never gym darkening husband turned weightlifting superstar (in the last month-- wow!) took note of my blahs and said "So... how long has it been since you went to the gym?  Maybe that would help you feel better?" Before, he would have said, "Come sit by me on the couch" or "Wanna go get ice cream?"  He's right.  Of course he is right.  I would feel better if I would go.  But all I want to do is have a pj day and get stuff done around here...or not.

It's bad, folks.  It's a case of the blah-humbugs, which doesn't much make for a non-pudgy parson.

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Things on my Wish-list

Ok, ok...I know that Christmas isn't about the presents.  And I'd (probably) be fine if there were none at all, but since people keep asking what I want, I made a list.  As I review the list, I'm surprised at the theme of many of the things I've added.  (That's how I roll.  My mom does themes.  Apparently so do I-- at least when it comes to the things I'd like for Christmas.  It's like an idea gets stuck in my brain, and without my realizing it, everything I add to the list is centered around that thing. It's been knitting things or quilting things.  It's been clothes or cooking things or things for my house.)

The theme that has emerged this year is: wait for it... exercise! I want a hands-free leash (with a pocket...mais ouis!) to make taking my doggie for a run easier. I've added a neck-warmer for those cold chilly mornings when running would otherwise make my asthma get all "Nuh-uh, no you don't" on me. I've added exercise programs for the wii.  I found a swimsuit for my ipod so we can swim together without that "Oh crap. I forgot the ipod is a non-swimmer" moment--which I had a few weeks ago when I thoughtlessly invited it to go for a swim in the washing machine.  And the big mama of all is an iphone--which is, at least a little bit, really part of my exercise thing.  I want to take the iphone with me to track my runs.  And Siri could remind me to go exercise.  Annnnnnd I could track my WW points on it, which is extra fun because WW is coming out with an app that scans a barcode and gives you the points info right there.

The point of that wasn't to show myself that I'm more materialistic than I thought (aaack!) but to remind myself that exercise has apparently made itself quite a priority in my world.  That's a step in the right direction.  I must really be ready to do this thing.

To Cheesecake or Not to Cheesecake...that is THE question

It's been a rough week--really rough. Stress has been high, time and patience have been low.  If ever there was a week to have been a candidate for emotional eating, this would have been it.  But I haven't. I haven't hibernated on the couch and eaten my favorite comfort foods.  In fact I've exercised every day, and I've made what I consider to be healthy choices. 

Except yesterday when DH and I went on a date to the Cheesecake Factory.  It was a special thing, and it was something that we needed to do.  It was more than comfort food, it was heart-healing food.  Maybe with everything going on, I'm not as hungry as I would've normally been.  Or maybe its that I'm so ready to beat this weight-monster.  But whatever it is, I didn't have a hard time showing restraint.   I ordered a lunch sized portion and only ate half of that.  And instead of ordering my own cheesecake (ummm, hello... it is the cheesecake factory), I ate only a few bites of the one that DH ordered.  Sure, I could've faired much better at some other restaurant, but compared to the damage I've been known to do at the Cheesecake Factory, I came out ok.  Besides, thats what activity points and weekly points are for, because sometimes you just need to cut loose...a little. I know that today, I'll be back to watching it and even before we went, I planned a long walk on the trail to clear my head. 

To Cheesecake or Not to Cheesecake never would've been a question before.  But it was yesterday, and I'm glad I made a choice that allowed me some much needed fun and doesn't leave me feeling guilty today. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

A little Wii in the Morning

I finally got my Wii out yesterday morning.  It's been sitting in a trunk in my living room for exactly 122 days. (Which I know because the little smart aleck lady that lives in the Wii fit told me. She said, and I quote, "Well...if it isn't K.  It's been 122 days since your last visit."  She then went on to inform me that my deadline for meeting my goal was passed and that "it looks like you didn't quite make it." She's a helpful sort, really.)

But at least she keeps me honest...and maybe I'd prefer her brand of honesty to the honesty of the pair of jeans that decidedly did not fit when I put them on this weekend.

I realized that I've missed the Wii.  Some of the activities really make me smile--even while upping my heart rate.  I don't even mind that I look pretty silly flapping my arms to convince a chicken to fly towards a goal.  I like to "run" on the Wii as I make my pudgy little avatar cycle around a cartoony island trying to hit  flags.  I can take a step class without royally embarrassing myself as I would do if I were anywhere else but in my living room.

And besides all that, I got in 4000 of my 10000 step goal--and that was before the sun even came up.  (Not to mention, I sang really loudly to some of my favorite songs.  Good thing my husband was at work, especially since this Pudgy Parson can't all.)

It's not a bad way to start the day.  I'm hoping it won't be all the exercise I get each day, but sometimes, that might just be the case. Do I think it's as good as going to the gym? Probably not.  Do I think it's better than getting no exercise at all? Definitely so.

Besides, I'd never Zumba in public--but breaking a sweat while grooving to music I'm embarrased to even listen to...well, that's priceless.  Maybe tomorrow morning will be a "Shake Your Groove Thing" morning. This Pudgy Parson likes to bust a move. (If no one is watching.)

One Year

I have no idea why date was important enough to stick in my head, but it was a year ago that Weight Watchers revealed its new "Points Plus" plan.  I had been getting emails (and thinking it mildly amusing that they chose to launch it on the Monday after Thanksgiving) and was super excited about it.  I put the launch date on my calendar and signed up that very day.

I expected that a year later I would be skinny, healthy, and athletic. But instead, I'm ten pounds heavier.  I'm slower.  I'm more tired.  And I'm $216 dollars poorer ($18/mo for 12 months) on just Weight Watchers alone.

Helloooooooo! That's a poor return on investment by anyone's standards!  But maybe that's just the wakeup call I need.

Turns out the program only works if you actually follow it.  Huh.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love the Size You're In

The song says "Love the one you're with.  That's not bad advice, but maybe it's also good to "Love the size you're in." Or at least to make peace with it.  Not complacent, self-bashing "Whatever will be will be" sort of peace, but the peace that means you can appreciate who you are while working to be better than you are right now.

I was a little proud of myself. When I went shopping on Black Friday, I picked out some very nice pieces of clothing that made me feel fabulous.  Not things I squeezed myself into, not in sizes that I wanted to be...but things that I feel fabulous in right now.

I don't love the shape my body is in right now, but it sure helps to feel and look your best in the meantime.  I may not be ready for skinny jeans, but at the very least, I can buy things that flatter who I am right now.  It's a start.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Finds (a.k.a. the right accessories make all the difference)

It's the little things that make a difference, really--especially when it comes to eating healthier and losing weight.  I'm not talking about getting more steps in throughout the day or finding ways to trick yourself into eating more vegetables.  I'm talking about accessories. You know...the really important stuff.

I found these fabuloso finds at Belk and they just make me happy.  It makes me smile to drink water from my happy little cold beverage cup.  I feel stylish carrying my lunchtote.

I suppose weight-loss experts haven't given much thought to these things. But this Pudgy Parson knows that when you're excited, it makes all the difference in the world.  I'm drinking more water and I'm packing my lunch when I know I'm going to be out-- and those can't be bad things.

Sure. Spend the money on the gym.  Get the right clothes. Buy fabulous vegetables.  But don't forget the accessories!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Where were you at 6 a.m.?

I was having a hot, sweaty time at the gym, because I knew if I didn't then, then I wouldn't.  And I can't say I've regretted the decision.  Since I exercised early, I have more energy, more focus, and more willpower. And I used the time to read a book (ipads are amazing!) which I won't have much other time to do in the next few weeks.  I used to run to a loud playlist, which was the only way I thought I could survive it.  But today I did the elliptical at a pretty good clip and enjoyed the reading.  Then I got on the treadmill and only ran for a little while.  Instead, I backed off the speed, and upped the incline considerably...and burned a heckofa lot of calories.  In less than an hour, I earned 12 Weight Watchers points (which would be awesome if I was actually following the WW program).

This week is my birthday, then next week is Thanksgiving...and then we're just in full fledged holiday mode.  Ask me how I feel as they get closer, but the last few days I've not been craving rich foods very much.  I'm still making the whole shebang, but since I'm not a thanksgiving-food lover, then maybe I won't go overboard too much.  The plan is to do as much exercising as possible these next few weeks, and enjoy what I want to in moderation.  Besides, exercise may just be what keeps me sane these next few busy weeks!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Make Mine Skinny...?!

Let's be honest here.  I LOVE Starbucks, but definitely not for their regular cup of joe.  That's way too strong for me. But I really love things like the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Salted Caramel Mocha, and my favorite this time of year, the Peppermint Mocha.

But fitness magazines and the like constantly remind me that these loves of mine will slow down weigh loss at a crazy rate--the reason these drinks is so good is that they are PACKED with calories. I feel guilty about having them at all, but not guilty enough to quit having them all together.

So when a friend of mine posted something on Facebook about Starbucks having a "skinny" peppermint mocha, I thought it was worth a shot.  At first I didn't love definitely didn't taste like the amazing thing I was thinking of.  But as I had a few more sips, my brain tuned out and it brought the same smile to my face as the regular version. This may be a compromise I can live with.

Besides, I've lost ten pounds in the last few weeks by not eating out and watching my portions and trying to sneak in excercise where I can. It kinda makes me want to continue to do good things for my body, and if the words "Make mine skinny" translate into more than just my coffee, I will be a happy pudgeless parson.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Throwing it away...

Our church homecoming is Sunday, and Thanksgiving is coming I'm in a state of pure craziness. I'm proud that I've gotten in as much exercise as I have, though hope to do even better next week. I've made a conscious decision to go to the gym at least two days, and have taken walks some of the other days.  I'm coughing my head off today, so I'm kind of staying planted-- but I suppose even that comes under the category of "self care."

Today is baking day.  I've baked two apple pies and will bake two pecan pies (one each for homecoming, and one of each to go in the freezer for my thanksgiving meal.)  The pies weren't a temptation because I've never much cared for pies in general, and especially not the apple or pecan varieties.  But I love frozen pie dough.  In my mind, it's almost as much fun as raw cookie dough.  Pie dough loses something for me once it's cooked--and I'll even go to great lengths to eat around it.  But you can't beat a hunk of gooey pie dough.   Usually, I would have done more than my fair share of tasting the would-be crust, but today I threw it right in the trash.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

I tried on clothes earlier this week, and was not at all pleased by what I discovered.  If I don't watch it, I'm going to go up a size, which will make the Pudgy Parson a very grouchy parson...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pudgy, Indeed...  What just happened?  Maybe it was the hills that I'm not used to.  Maybe it was the cold air that maybe I'm not used to.   Or maybe it was the...gasp...excerise that I'm not used to.

I went to the trail for a jalk (jog/walk) yesterday.  It was only four miles (compared to the 7 or 8 I have been known to walk there--during the heat of summer!) My whole body hurts, and I'm worn out.  Where did my endurance go?  As of this summer, I had a lot more endurance than apparently I do now.  Granted, I sort of fell off the wagon, but geeze... I was huffing and puffing--and definitely could not blow any houses down.

Note to self: sitting on my now pudgier rearend for a few months makes running hard.

On the upside, it cleared my head.  I felt less angry and stressed and grouchy. And last night's sleep was amazing.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Freezer Full

     One of the biggest obstacles DH and I have faced towards losing weight and getting in shape is eating out. We're both really busy, and many nights out of the week, by time the end of the day rolls our way, we're just too tired to cook.  So we settle for something that neither especially tastes good nor is especially good for the soul.  We do what most Americans do: we eat out.  And because we're not especially well-off either, most of our meals are fast food--which has to be even worse than sit-down-restaurant food. We have e-mealz, (If you don't know about it, you should! There's a button on the side of this page for more info and to subscribe) which I love!, but even though most of those meals are quickly prepared, that's still too much on the agenda for any given night.
   So here's the experiment I'm trying this week: I spent the morning cooking things that will freeze well that are also fairly healthy. I've made orange maple chicken, wine chicken (a family fav when I was a kid), mashed sweet potatoes, and I'm getting ready to put a pork roast in the oven.  The plan is to do this every week, so that I can just thaw something out before I go to work in the morning--and then cook some simple sides.  When I was at the store this morning, I stocked up on some frozen Steam-in-the-bag vegetables which will help too!
    We've just gotten our freezer, so this is a new plan for us.  But it makes good sense.  I can buy things when they are on sale, and then cook on my day off.  I do actually love to cook, so this way it seems like less of a chore than it does when I'm in a hurry.  There's something about chopping vegetables and making something fabulous out of seemingly random ingredients that soothes my soul.  If you have any good (healthyish) recipes that you know freeze well, I'd sure like to know about them.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Go, already...

"The journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step."
Here I go. I'm ready.  I'm done being tired and fat and unhealthy-- I guess I'm just over it. I'm ready to make new beginnings.  I still consider myself athletic and regularly remind myself that I'm almost the exact same weight I was when I did a sprint tri five years ago, and as I was when I got married four years ago.  I tell myself that at least it hasn't gotten worse.  But then I remind myself that it hasn't gotten better either.  I'm really ready for the better.