Monday, November 28, 2011

One Year

I have no idea why date was important enough to stick in my head, but it was a year ago that Weight Watchers revealed its new "Points Plus" plan.  I had been getting emails (and thinking it mildly amusing that they chose to launch it on the Monday after Thanksgiving) and was super excited about it.  I put the launch date on my calendar and signed up that very day.

I expected that a year later I would be skinny, healthy, and athletic. But instead, I'm ten pounds heavier.  I'm slower.  I'm more tired.  And I'm $216 dollars poorer ($18/mo for 12 months) on just Weight Watchers alone.

Helloooooooo! That's a poor return on investment by anyone's standards!  But maybe that's just the wakeup call I need.

Turns out the program only works if you actually follow it.  Huh.