Friday, December 2, 2011

The Things on my Wish-list

Ok, ok...I know that Christmas isn't about the presents.  And I'd (probably) be fine if there were none at all, but since people keep asking what I want, I made a list.  As I review the list, I'm surprised at the theme of many of the things I've added.  (That's how I roll.  My mom does themes.  Apparently so do I-- at least when it comes to the things I'd like for Christmas.  It's like an idea gets stuck in my brain, and without my realizing it, everything I add to the list is centered around that thing. It's been knitting things or quilting things.  It's been clothes or cooking things or things for my house.)

The theme that has emerged this year is: wait for it... exercise! I want a hands-free leash (with a pocket...mais ouis!) to make taking my doggie for a run easier. I've added a neck-warmer for those cold chilly mornings when running would otherwise make my asthma get all "Nuh-uh, no you don't" on me. I've added exercise programs for the wii.  I found a swimsuit for my ipod so we can swim together without that "Oh crap. I forgot the ipod is a non-swimmer" moment--which I had a few weeks ago when I thoughtlessly invited it to go for a swim in the washing machine.  And the big mama of all is an iphone--which is, at least a little bit, really part of my exercise thing.  I want to take the iphone with me to track my runs.  And Siri could remind me to go exercise.  Annnnnnd I could track my WW points on it, which is extra fun because WW is coming out with an app that scans a barcode and gives you the points info right there.

The point of that wasn't to show myself that I'm more materialistic than I thought (aaack!) but to remind myself that exercise has apparently made itself quite a priority in my world.  That's a step in the right direction.  I must really be ready to do this thing.