Saturday, November 26, 2011

Love the Size You're In

The song says "Love the one you're with.  That's not bad advice, but maybe it's also good to "Love the size you're in." Or at least to make peace with it.  Not complacent, self-bashing "Whatever will be will be" sort of peace, but the peace that means you can appreciate who you are while working to be better than you are right now.

I was a little proud of myself. When I went shopping on Black Friday, I picked out some very nice pieces of clothing that made me feel fabulous.  Not things I squeezed myself into, not in sizes that I wanted to be...but things that I feel fabulous in right now.

I don't love the shape my body is in right now, but it sure helps to feel and look your best in the meantime.  I may not be ready for skinny jeans, but at the very least, I can buy things that flatter who I am right now.  It's a start.