Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pudgy, Indeed...  What just happened?  Maybe it was the hills that I'm not used to.  Maybe it was the cold air that maybe I'm not used to.   Or maybe it was the...gasp...excerise that I'm not used to.

I went to the trail for a jalk (jog/walk) yesterday.  It was only four miles (compared to the 7 or 8 I have been known to walk there--during the heat of summer!) My whole body hurts, and I'm worn out.  Where did my endurance go?  As of this summer, I had a lot more endurance than apparently I do now.  Granted, I sort of fell off the wagon, but geeze... I was huffing and puffing--and definitely could not blow any houses down.

Note to self: sitting on my now pudgier rearend for a few months makes running hard.

On the upside, it cleared my head.  I felt less angry and stressed and grouchy. And last night's sleep was amazing.