Monday, November 28, 2011

A little Wii in the Morning

I finally got my Wii out yesterday morning.  It's been sitting in a trunk in my living room for exactly 122 days. (Which I know because the little smart aleck lady that lives in the Wii fit told me. She said, and I quote, "Well...if it isn't K.  It's been 122 days since your last visit."  She then went on to inform me that my deadline for meeting my goal was passed and that "it looks like you didn't quite make it." She's a helpful sort, really.)

But at least she keeps me honest...and maybe I'd prefer her brand of honesty to the honesty of the pair of jeans that decidedly did not fit when I put them on this weekend.

I realized that I've missed the Wii.  Some of the activities really make me smile--even while upping my heart rate.  I don't even mind that I look pretty silly flapping my arms to convince a chicken to fly towards a goal.  I like to "run" on the Wii as I make my pudgy little avatar cycle around a cartoony island trying to hit  flags.  I can take a step class without royally embarrassing myself as I would do if I were anywhere else but in my living room.

And besides all that, I got in 4000 of my 10000 step goal--and that was before the sun even came up.  (Not to mention, I sang really loudly to some of my favorite songs.  Good thing my husband was at work, especially since this Pudgy Parson can't all.)

It's not a bad way to start the day.  I'm hoping it won't be all the exercise I get each day, but sometimes, that might just be the case. Do I think it's as good as going to the gym? Probably not.  Do I think it's better than getting no exercise at all? Definitely so.

Besides, I'd never Zumba in public--but breaking a sweat while grooving to music I'm embarrased to even listen to...well, that's priceless.  Maybe tomorrow morning will be a "Shake Your Groove Thing" morning. This Pudgy Parson likes to bust a move. (If no one is watching.)