Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rocky Rockstar

That's me! Because I just had the most amazing thing happen:  today I became a runner (as opposed to a lovely, sweating, pudgy person huffing and puffing pitifully away.)  The nice british lady that lives in my iphone (Get Running App) informed me that I would be running for twenty straight mintues today, which I'll admit doesn't sound like much.  However, considering that my last run was eight mintues, then five minutes of walking, then eight more minutes of running-- that's a pretty big jump.  And I've gotten to this point before when I've attempted a couch to 5k, but I've always given up right here or life has gotten in the way--and I've never conquered it. That's right, I haven't successfully run twenty mintues straight since the earlier mentioned triathlon six years ago.  And I didn't plan to be able to today. I set off running, and tried very hard not to glare at the nice british lady that lives in my iphone.  I thought, "well, I'll do my best and go as far as I can, but if I have to hit pause in the middle, then thats what I have to do."  Only I never even thought about needing to. The nice british lady that lives in my iphone alerted me every five minutes how I was doing, and I was surprised how quickly the minutes were going by. My breathing was nice and steady, my legs weren't screaming, and (this is the best part), I was having fun.  And when the twenty minutes was up, I knew that I could have gone on.  Maybe another ten or twenty or however many minutes. (I didn't because I don't want to be one of those people that does too much too fast and gets knocked out of the race--which I mentioned yesterday.  But knowing I could've gone on makes me feel like a rockstar.)

And in a fabulous serendipitous moment, just as the lovely british lady that lives in my iphone announced that I had "just sixty more seconds of running to go", the theme from "Rocky" started playing.  No one was around but my doggy, so I totally did "Rocky hands".  And I'm not even embarrased.  Because today, I'm a rockstar.  And not only that, but today I became a runner.