Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Coffee-Flavored Sabotage!

It's sabotage, I tell you! Pure sabotage!

Only I'm doing it to myself.  But whatever the case, it's a problem.  On days when I work from home, I seem to want to keep my coffee mug filled up with something warm and caffeinated--especially on chilly, soggy days like this one.  I used to be a one cup a day sort of girl, but now I'm moving up around the 3-4 a day range.  (And I love it so much, that in the afternoons I'm just as happy with the low-voltage version.)
Not only do I recognize that 1)this habbit is expensive and that 2) no one needs that much caffeine, but there's a bigger problem. I don't do "black" coffee.  In fact, my husband calls my concoction a "coffee milkshake." I think that's a little unfair, but I do like...uhem... a bit of cream and sugar.

I looked at my WW log one day, and realized that I had used up six points on nothing but my coffee addiction.  That's a lot.

I've heard people suggest things like drinking warm broth, but seriously? I've tried the tea thing, and while there are some marvelous flavors, I still prefer a nice cup o' joe.  At least with tea, I can stomach using splenda (with fiber, no less...double fab points for me!) instead of sugar, but I just am not willing to do that to my poor, innocent coffee.

I don't know what the answer is, but I'm going to have to find one... I am unwilling to lose this battle due to  sabotage. I just wish that coffee flavored sabotage didn't taste so good.