Monday, January 23, 2012

Going Green

Green Feather Boa? Why yes, please!
I read in this month's Weight Watchers magazine that signing up for a race is one of the best ways to stay motivated.  (Which, duh, somewhere in my over crowded brain I knew that because I've done it several times... It even worked with I did a triathlon...uh six years and 30lbs ago.)  But when my motivation was flagging, I was having a hard time recalling that advice.

I'm not Irish, but these socks are awfully fun!
I was looking for races and found one in my parents' town-- on March 17, no less.  I mean hey, if you can't do a turkey trot or a reindeer run or a jiggle butt, then you might as well do a leprechaun loop, right?  The timing was right, the place was right, so I'm in-- and training for another 5k.  (I did do a very slow Turkey Trot in November as part of my Girls on the Run Coaching, though.)  I've even talked my mom into doing the race with me.  (Right, Mom? No backing out!) I've been toying with several couch to 5k programs since before Christmas, but now with a goal in mind, it's time to get serious.  I'm using Get Running (available from the App Store).  There's a lovely british woman in my iphone that tells me when it's time to run and when I should walk.  And I'm tracking my runs with RunKeeper.  Because I'm that nerdy that I need to see stats and maps and other fun things.

I'm excited--I'm a goal driven person, so this works just right for me.  I have great plans of dressing up and going green (right again, Mom?) and having a generally goofy sort of time.  I found a lovely pair of green and white socks at Hobby Lobby that I'm thinking of buying to hang up as a visual reminder of my goal.