Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A New Year, A New Start

That's right folks, the Pudgy Parson is back and ready to conquer the world, after a blah-inspired hiatus.  And I couldn't be happier (or feel better).

My body started all sorts of foul back-talk in the week after Christmas.  It said "Enough, already! Enough!"  My stomach was ten shades of mean from all the rich foods I had been eating during the...uhem...holidays (which embarrasingly lasted from Thanksgiving through Christmas).  So the doggie and I (and her fun new hands free leash) headed out for some bonding time in the neighborhood at my in-laws. I think I managed to get in a walk three of the five days we were there--which was pretty amazing considering how busy we stayed.

But once we got back (and picked up the new Iphone which had been waiting on me), I've been on the move ever since.  I've either gone walking in the cornfields or running in the park or have  hit the gym every single day.  I have all sorts of snazzy new programs that are helping me get back into running. (Seriously...a few weeks makes that much difference? I thought I was going to die.  Or at least pant really unattractively forever.)

And I'm back to weight watchers, which meant I had to confess the yes, sixteen point sandwhich I had at Jimmy Johns yesterday.  Good thing I'd been doing all that exercising!

Here's to 2012: the year of the pudgeless parson!