Sunday, February 3, 2013

Small Victories

He-who-trains once asked me why I want to do this.  (Come to think of it, he asks it in some way or other every time I'm experiencing a case of wagon-falling-off).  I told him I wanted my body to be able to do all the things my mind wants to do. And that hasn't be the case for a long time.

When we moved here to these fabulous mountains, I wanted to hike and run and play in the mountains.   I thought it would be a while before I could because I just didn't have the endurance.  Even to walk around here left me winded when we first moved to town.  But today there was a difference.  I haven't walked to work (or many other places for that matter) since I've been grounded by He-who-trains.

Today was a snow day-- as in stay-cozy-by-the-fire-because-church-was-cancelled sort of snow day.  But of course, we went for a walk.  That's our thing.  So, in 4ish inches of snow, DH and I braved all the hills between here and the church. And it was nothing for either one of us.  We could've walked and walked.  And in fact we did.  We took a tour of the town on foot.  When we came home, we decided that wasn't enough.  So we first drove up one mountain, parked, and walked around and took pictures.  Then we came down and went into more mountains where we did more of the same.  Only we walked down around the falls, up and down stairs, up and down mountains.  And still it was nothing.

I'm not sure that He-who-trains will be pleased when he finds out I ungrounded myself-- but I think he'll appreciate the fact that I'm finally becoming able to do the things I love doing.  And score! My knee is neither swollen, nor hurting.  I'd call that a victory.  I'm not sure he'll be excited when I tell him that I plan on doing some hiking this spring, but if it keeps me from running, maybe we can compromise.

It's a fine thing to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air-- to be able to breathe deeply and have the freedom to go wherever it is that your feet want to go.  Because there was a time when I couldn't, I'll always make sure that I can. Never again will I let my body get into such a state that it can't do all the fun things my brain dreams up.