Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Getting Paid to Exercise?

Seems like somewhere, some wise voice in my head is saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." And I guess that's how I felt about the app Gym-Pact. Someone is going to pay me to exercise? Well, yes... sign me up! But what's the catch?

The catch is that if you don't make your pact (kinda like a weekly bet with yourself on how many times you'll go to the gym), you have to pay so much per workout that you missed.  For example, I've been working out six days a week, so I'm pretty confident that I'll make at least 5 workouts in a week. I've set my stakes at $10/day, which means if I only make four workouts, I'll pay ten dollars.  But if I make my five, I make something like $3.70 per week. From where does the money come? From people who don't make their pacts. It's kind of like an office pool...

Maybe this is a great tool for people who are having a hard time going to the gym.  But I have He-who-trains for that.  If I wasn't showing up, the barrage of ugly texts and calls I'd get would be phenomenal. But I figure if I'm going to be there anyway, I might as well make a little dough in the process.   Hey-- it could fund some new (smaller) workout wear!