Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stop the Insanity!

I have no idea what that phrase was referring to, but I have some vague memory of a bald Susan Powter (sp?) shouting that through TV screens in the the early 90's.   And it seems like a good phrase for me as I seem to be eating my way through Atlanta right now.  But to be fair, I spent four years here-- and we developed a lot of "favorite" places.   Of course, now that we're back for a conference, it only makes sense to go back.  I guess I am just now realizing why this was such a dangerous place-- or probably the true birthplace of the pudgy parson.  (As I write, DH has come out of the shower--wearing a towel cape, no less-- wondering what I was doing.  "Blogging about all the horrible eating I'm doing while we're here. I feel like we're eating our way through Atlanta!"  He considered this for a moment and said, "I'm the Patrick Henry of eating!  I have not yet begun to eat my way through Atlanta."  Clearly, that's his towel cape talking.  This is surely not my weight-watcher's-doing, gym-going, rockstar of a husband.)  But what I was telling you before towel-cape man showed up was that Atlanta was dangerous...but sadly, the police could do nothing about this sort of dangerous.  After all, they cannot arrest folks for stuffing their faces.  (Probably best that way.  That'd be a terrible thing to get a reputation for.   If I'm going to make headlines, I want it to be for something better than "Presbyterian Pastor Arrested for Gluttony.")

My body is getting down right grouchy again-- as it does when I fall prey to this bad behavior.  It's like my body thinks it gets a vote.  It's like my stomach is shouting "Stop the Insanity!!".  Gosh, I hope the people next to me can't hear it.  That would make for an interesting conversation...

So...who wants Thai food for lunch? Anyone? Anyone?