Monday, April 16, 2012

Falling off the wagon

"Old habits die hard" is what I've heard.  Or "You can't teach an old dog new tricks."

There's some truth to those sayings-- I guess that's why they're cliches! My husband and I were doing pretty well...until we went Spring Breaking.  We made resolutions that we would continue with Weight Watchers and exercising, even while away.

I walked the first two days.  But then we got busy.  Then we remembered what good food there was to be had as we journeyed to some of our favorite places.  Then we went to the movies-- where popcorn became a certain necessity.  Then we cooked some really great meals, and portion control was a sad afterthought.

Long story short: spring break was an adventure in falling off the wagon.   And I'm not gonna lie-- it felt kinda good.  Except that I was nasueated a good part of the time because my blood sugar levels seemed to have the heebeyjeebies.  Except that I didn't have as much energy and never had a "good" run. Except that all I wanted to do was eat.  Except that my previously loose pants seemed to have shrunk overnight.  Hmm...maybe it wasn't as good as I thought it was.

On our last day away, we saw an old friend.  She's lost 40lbs through diet and exercise.  She looked great.   And while I'm immensely happy for her, I'm also jealous...or at least motivated again!  Sometimes the idea of losing as much weight as I need to lose is daunting.  It's helpful to see people who have actually made it happen for them-- even if I wanted to call her names.

Look out, wagon. The Pudgy Parson rides again!